Calling an Awareness to Action: Examining the Intersection of Stalking, Trafficking, and the MMIW Crisis Facing Alaska Natives

In AKNWRC, News, Resources by Candy Keown

In January AKNWRC hosted a panel discussion on “Calling an Awareness to Action: Examining the Intersection of Stalking and Trafficking, and the Crisis of MMIW facing Alaska Native.” Here  you will find the recording and description for the event.

A recent federal Government Accountability Office report confirms the high rates of violence against Indigenous women is a crisis in the United States. Indigenous women are disproportionately affected by stalking, where one out of two Native women have been stalked in their lifetime. Each year, thousands become victims of human trafficking. However, Indigenous women and Native LGBTQ2S relatives are especially at risk of human trafficking and sex trafficking compared to other populations. These crimes are part of the larger spectrum of violence perpetrated against Indigenous women, creating a social climate that allows the crisis of missing and murdered Indigenous women to continue. This virtual panel will examine the intersection of stalking, trafficking and the MMIW crisis in Alaska.