Director & Staff

Tami Truett Jerue

Executive Director

Marie Taylor

Administrative Assistant

Kate Chaussee

Finance Director

Janelle Chapin

Program Specialist

Candy Keown

Communications Coordinator

Paula Julian

Policy Consultant

Jacqueline Agtuca

Law & Policy Consultant

Debra O’Gara

Senior Policy Specialist

Tiana Teter

OVC Program Specialist

Michelle Demmert

Law & Policy Director

Christian Hames

IT Specialist

Violet Sensmeier

Program and Outreach Specialist

Frances Andrews

Senior Grants Specialist

Board Of Directors

Tia M. Holley

Lenora (Lynn) Hootch

Joann Horn

Priscilla Kameroff

Isabel Mills 

Shirley Moses

Nettie Warbelow